Top 15 Expensive House in the World

5. Fei Ngo Shan House:

Top 15 Expensive House in the World
Image Credit: misshavenmaven

This House was built of twelve thousand square feet, and Robert D. Farquhar designed the entire House. This whole House was built in the year 1967, and it was the most prominent House of that type which was made in Los Angles i.e.

US Country, this House is called Woolwood and is a luxury house, and the owner of this House are Joseph Drow.115 Crores, the entire Househas a budget, and in this House, you will find 20 theater seats and luxurious kitchen, bedroom, luxurious dining room,and outside the House, you will find a grand garden where you can see a vast swimming pool.

Estimated Price: $195 Crore.