Top 15 Expensive House in the World

2. Casa Encantada Georgian-style House:

Top 15 Expensive House in the World
Image Credit: robbreport

This is the most luxurious House built in Los Angles,i.e., in the United States. Twenty thousand square feet in the surrounding areawhere you have parking for 30 cars and 40 football canteen codes.

This House has 20 bedrooms, five halls, and three kitchens. And an audition swimming pool which is in front of this audition house. Seeing the price of this House will make your eyes dizzy because it is the most expensive House in the world. The estimated value of this House is 205 crores.

In front of this House, you will also find the largest Rye Barre Park. Curzio malaparte will belong to this House.

Estimated Price: $205 Crore.