Top 15 Expensive House in the World

6. Owlwood Estate House:

Top 15 Expensive House in the World
Image Credit: plusdevelopmentgroup

In this House, you get twelve bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and different pictures. The house estimated Price is 180 Crore. You get twenty professional seats to get home theater and Forty security cameras jail for a whole year of memory fighting kitchen savant pro intelligent home system and eight-car garage.

This whole House is built on 10 thousand 646 square feet, and in this House, you will also find a private beach next door, and that private beach is called Malibu. The valuation of this entire House is 115

million.This entire luxury home is located in the beautiful country of California City, United States. This home was built in 1997 in schools and is owned by David Safari Stone, founder of the Metro Network and American and Topic.

Estimated Price: $180 Crore.