Top 15 Most Expensive Cats Breeds in World

3. Sphynx Cat

Top 15 Most Expensive Cats in World
image Credit: womansday

The Sphynx Breeds Cat is the most easily recognizable of all Payo cats, as its hair is easy to remove. With bright eyes that cover most of the face, the hairlessness of the breed is a natural genetic mutation. If this cat is not in Egypt, you can see this cat in Canada. You will get to see a rare color of this cat as you will see this cat in only one color, which is a black and chocolate color combination. In terms of price, this cat is costly, from $1800 to $9800. You can buy this cat, and this cat’s life span is eight to 14 years, and the average weight of this cat is six to twelve pounds. If you are interested in getting this cat, then you can get this cat.