Top 15 Most Expensive Cats Breeds in World

2. Savannah Cat

Top 15 Most Expensive Cats in World
Image Credit: thesprucepets

Everyone likes cats, and everyone is trying to buy one, but if one has different preferences, it is practical to buy one. This is a cat so strange that no member of the household will recognize this cat. After almost 100 years of banning, the cat has been banned by the dozen in more US states. Not all of them will eat regular cat food. This cat will only eat raw fish and will not tolerate strangers, so all its owners are like forest animals. If you want to buy a Savannah cat, you will have to spend a lot of dollars because it is a costly cat, and the price of this cat will go from 10000 dollars to 50000 dollars. The average life span of this cat is twenty years, and if we consider the weight of this cat, the significance this cat is 12 to 25 pounds.