Top 15 Most Expensive Cats Breeds in World

12. Egyptian Mau Cat

Top 15 Most Expensive Cats in World
Image Credit: petinsurance

The average weight of an Egyptian Mau Breeds cat is eight to twelve pounds. And if you think about the lifespan of this cat, then this cat can live for fifteen years, and in terms of price, this cat comes in the name of a costly cat because you can buy this cat from 800 dollars to 1800 dollars. The Egyptian Mau with Spot Code is known as a wild cat as it is the only breed with a naturally pointed coat. The only reason why this cat is so expensive is that it is not only a charming house cat but is also known as the Egyptian mouse and is very loyal and helpful to humans. Also, this race was almost destroyed in the second world war but was saved by a single species creator and her father named Mau.